eLearn academy will provide quality instruction at every grade level in an online environment.  At Fresno Unified we are committed to providing equal access and opportunity for all our students.

Program Highlights

  • Exceptional certificated teachers trained to teach online
  • Highly engaging, standards-based curricula designed to assure grade level content and growth
  • Computers and hotspots available for all students
  • Designated time for individualized student support
  • Online, student collaboration experience
  • Extra-curricular and co-curricular options
  • Summer enrichments opportunities 
  • Scheduled classes with fully online

eLearn Academy PSA

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In rare move, school librarian fights back in court against conservative activists https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/rare-move-school-librarian-fights-back-court-conservative-activists-rcna42800 via @nbcnews


On point.

@CAStateLibrary Libraries represent the best of human beings - offering help to anyone regardless of circumstance (among other things)


It’s difficult to quantify what 100 million books looks like — and doubly difficult when the books in question are ebooks and audiobooks.

So we have decided to celebrate 100 MILLION digital books accessed through the Sora reading app with an Infographic: https://company.overdrive.com/2022/07/22/celebrating-100-million-digital-books-accessed-through-the-sora-reading-app-infographic/

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